The following is general information on the Real Time Motion Control System

This is the Real Time Motion Control System during the development phase, it was being used to run the animatronic wolf ears, while they where under development as well

Each servo is assigned an ID number, to make things easy I used ASCII values for this, so servo1 is 'A' servo2 is 'B', etc...

When a slider belonging to a servo is moved its position is encoded and sent via serial cable at an amazing 9600 baud to a MAX232 chip, which converts RS232 voltage levels (+/- 12 volts) to 0 and 5 volt logic, this is then sent to the microcontoller's UART, and each servo location is then updated accordingly

Up to 8 servos are supported per microcontroller, and up to 32 microcontrollers can be slaved together

The Real Time Motion Control System has been incorporated into this board, which also doubles as the programmer for the 90S2313 and the 90S4433 microcontrollers

The Control Panel has become a bit more complex, it can control all the servos in the animatronic head and tail as well as send enable/disable commands

Commands labeled "External" move all the sliders to locations to generate that action as in "Snarl" Commands labeled "Internal" use the table located in the microcontroller to generate that action

The next step for the RTMCS will be interfacing it with a 64K serial EEPROM, this will allow me to store very large realistic motion sequences

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