Built by Wolves for Wolves

Animatronic Tiger's Tail

I was contacted by Stalking Cat, in one of those weird coincidences where he was doing the Funday Pawpet Show and asked if anyone made animatronic tails, well, as it turned out, Techwolf (who runs this site on his server) was in the channel and told him of my site, thus leading to Stalking Cat contacting me to build his tail.

The tail was completed in about 1 month, and Stalking Cat was flown out to my den by ProSieben Media, which is German TV channel 7.

They recorded me giving the tail to Stalking Cat and then we went on a day long video shoot around downtown Indianapolis, it was a cool experience, although I am still waiting on a copy of the final tape.

Final Pics:

A few construction pics of the tail 


A tiger in a wolf's den!!!


Camera crew and producer/director for German Shoot


A good pic of Stalking Cat wearing the tail


The following videos show the tail in action

(you will need Divx to play the AVI files)

tiger.avi (1.32 megs) Me standing on a chair, a 42 inch tail is too long for me, wagging the tail 

tigerwag.avi (0.37 meg) Stalking Cat wagging his tail 

Note: in the following videos, the tail was not designed to operate in this position, also, the audio quality is bad, since it was going to be dubbed in German anyway.

The following videos where acquired with permission, because the camera crew was American and the camera was German it was recording in PAL, thus they had no preview monitors to view back the tape, since they where all NTSC, but my computer capture card can read PAL, and so the camera was connected to my computer with a oscilloscope probe, while they where spot checking the tape, I was able to record the following 3 segments:

tigertv1.avi (4.95 megs) Stalking Cat and me general questions about the tail 

tigertv2.avi (2.80 meg) Stalking Cat and me more general questions about the tail 

tigertv3.avi (5.87 megs) My interview 

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