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Animatronic Tail (Version 2.5)

Animatronic Tail Information

version 2.5 animatronic tail is still based on the version 2.0 tail control board

Major changes from version 2.0 to version 2.5 are the increase in servo strength from 56.9 oz/in of torque to 153 oz/in of torque, and the batteries are now housed inside the actuator module

Minor changes from version 2.0 to version 2.5 are an increase in structural integrity, the use of mouse cable for the control switches, as well as attached canvas and baton, to the spine, for easier removal of fur covering, and an on/off switch

Tail with air brushed fur covering and with out:


Tail on/off switch and control board:


Battery compartment and housing:


Tail normal, tail tuck, tail raise:


Tail video, because it just looks so cool, and still pics DO NOT do it justice:

This video shows all functions of the tail, except programming

wolftail25.avi (2.5megs)

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