The following is general information on the Real Time Motion Control System Version 2.0, mini servo control board.

I have designed a new 8 channel (4 channel with feedback), programmable servo controller. The entire board is slightly over 1 square inch and should fit perfectly into a tail, head, ears, or any other animatronic applications.


The older RTMCS was designed and made over 10 years ago. It had gone thru several different pin compatible, (but often not code compatible), ATMEL micro controllers. It also relied on a RS232 serial port, and an application written in Visual Basic 6.0, (that only ran on Windows machines). So it was definitely time for a redesign...

The key features for the new RTMCS2 mini-servo control board:


Based on the Microchip dsPIC33EP256MU806 running at 60Mhz.

16 bit servo pulse with 16.6ns resolution, (using the PWM module, uses 0 CPU cycles).

8 servo channels, (4 with analog feedback).

5 dedicated digital I/O with pull-ups. 

Uncommitted servo channels can also be used as 8 digital I/O (internal weak pull-ups), or ADC channels.

5V tolerant I2C and CAN Inter board communications via the EXP connector. 


Micro USB port, power, mass storage and network adapter.

Mass storage for firmware updates, and access to the micro SD card.

Network adapter for serving Java Script / HTML5 web pages and GUI from internal web server (can be used on any platform).


Micro SD card for storing large servo tables, config files and web pages.


Can be powered via micro USB port or standard RC battery pack connector (4.8V - 14.4V nominal).

Two Independent servo power busses, with voltage monitoring, and diode or-ing (higher voltage bus will power the micro).

Power busses are jumper selectable between RC pack, 5V from USB, and internal 3.3V (for use with the ADC channels). 

Progress Videos:

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