Built by Wolves for Wolves


Fred is nothing more then some eyes with eyelids on them. It is being used to help develop code for the Real Time Motion Control System

I will probably add more servos and animatronics to it as time goes on, but it will never be finished, or covered. 

Fred is a good live demo when I do panels at conventions, and people like how they can see how all the linkages as they move.

I looked around for a nice ball and socket joint and found that roll on deodorant works really well. So that's what the eyes are made out of.


A quick hit with the dermal tool and the "eyes" are now free from there life as a deodorant dispenser.

The eyes are held together at a fixed distance by some heavy gauge wire. This wire will form the main mount points for everything else.


Joints are fixed to the back of the eye balls, this allows them to be tied together so they can be moved around.

Eyes are now tied together so they can move left and right.


Eyes are now tied together so they can move up and down.


A wire frame is constructed around the servo, so it can be mounted to the eye frame.


The left/right servo mounted to the eye frame and connected to the linkages. 


The up/down servo mounted to the eye frame and connected to the linkages. 

Testing the range of motion to make sure it all works smoothly, with no binding. Also a frame was built to hold the eyes off the ground.


Lots of joints, soldered together to create eye lid joints.

Eye lid joints mounted and eyelids installed.

There should be much more construction pics between the above and the below... but I can't seem to find them. I have looked every where for them, but I think I might have deleted them off the camera thinking I already had them stored off on a hard drive.


Servos and linkages connected to the eyelids. Also, a prototype RTMCS board has been added to the base of the Eyes.

Motion sequences and videos:

P9100035.MOV Left eye lid blink.

P9100036.MOV Right eye lid blink.

P9100037.MOV Both eye lids open wide.

P9100038.MOV Eyes left and right.

P9100039.MOV Eye spin.

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