Solectria (Brusa) AMC RS422 to RS232 Serial Adapter

Over the years I have had a few requests for the serial adapter that I use inside my AMC control box, which was constructed on protoboard based on this schematic.

This is the build log for the production version, If you would like to purchase one click over to the store.

February 9th, 2015

I had just completed the layout for version 2 of the RTMCS, and it looked like I was going to have some extra board space on the 60 square inch panel, so during my lunch hour each day I worked on the serial adapter.

I followed the basic design of my original serial adapter, except went with surface mount parts, added more bypass and bulk caps for better noise immunity, and also added an ERROR LED.

February 13th, 2015. Completed layout, here is the 3d render:

February 16th, 2015. Finished adding the serial adapter boards to the 60 square inch panel, and ordered the PCBs. Also ordered all the parts.

February 20th, 2015. Parts came in.

February 25th, 2015. The PCB panel came in.

I used a band saw to cut out the serial adapter boards from the panel. Then cut out and sanded the edges on each board.


Then I built up the first one to make sure the design, layout and parts are correct.


Parts and boards for the AMC RS422 to RS232 Serial Adapter:

Assembled AMC RS422 to RS232 Serial Adapter tested:

Soldering all the parts on the AMC RS422 to RS232 Serial Adapter:

February 28th, 2015. Finished all 24 assemblies.

The 15-pin D-sub AMC programming / monitoring port is located on the inside of the controller, you will need to remove the cover panel to get access to it:
Step 1. Loosen the cable gland nuts.
Step 2. Remove the 8 screws.
Step 3. Slide the cable glands along the cable.


Once the cover is removed, the port is visible on the right, in this image:

Since this is rather inconvenient, you can modify your controller to have external access to the port like I did herewrite up.

There are several ways to connect the AMC RS422 to RS232 Serial Adapter, cover is removed for clarity:

For local debugging and trouble shooting, plug the AMC adapter directly into the port, as shown:

If you have an old laptop or PC with a serial port on it, then plug a standard serial cable (not a null modem cable) in:

If your laptop or PC does not have a serial port on it, then you will need a USB to serial adapter. Make sure to set the USB to serial adapter to COM 1 or COM 2.

If you need a longer cable run, either of the following will work for under 16ft (5 meters). 
Note: RS232 and USB are not designed to operate near large electrical noise generators common to motor controllers, distance will be dependent on the quality and shielding of your cables.


If you need a much longer or robust cable run, you will need a DA15M to DA15F straight through cable. 
Since RS422 is differential, it is designed to work in harsh electrically noisy environments, thus any of the following combinations will work for under 1000ft (300 meters).


Windows software for the Solectria (Brusa) AMCXXX (AMC230, AMC320, AMC325, etc...) motor controllers:

To adjust controller settings, (max speed, max voltage, max current, etc...)  you will need this program AMC.EXE.

To debug, monitor, and log data, and troubleshoot fault codes you will need this program MONLOG.EXE.

How to use the AMC Adapter to change the settings on an AMC Motor Controller:

If you would like to purchase the AMC RS422 to RS232 Serial Adapter, click over to the store.