Built by Wolves for Wolves

Animatronic wolf suit

A web photo gallery displaying the pics taken during construction is here: Animatronic Wolf Suit Construction Pics

Wolf Suit:

Snow Paws Studios built the suit for me in exchange for an animatronic tail, the following pics where taken by Ocicat

Fur pieces for the suit, before and after sewing


Me test fitting the suit with the head on, no tail, and no zipper


Another test fitting with the tail, vest and neck ruff


The suit after Ocicat airbrushed all the pieces


Air brushing took a long time to do, he applied one color, then we watched a DVD, then applied another color, then watched another DVD, etc...

There is a neck ruff collar that is actually worn underneath the back fur of the head, it is pictured on the outside here


Wolf howl test

Head range of motion test after final touch up airbrushing


The final suit


The animatronic head and tail are controlled via the Real Time Motion Control System

When not connected to the laptop, I control everything in the suit with 4 buttons located in the paw

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