How to build a moving Jaw

Step 1.  Obtain parts

You will need the following:

1 Taxidermy jaw set

1 Taxidermy nose

3 small wood screws

2 small extension springs 

1 syringe of 2 part epoxy (metal/plastic)

1 Dremel tool, with universal cutting disc bit, and sanding drum bit, and drill bit sized accordingly for screws

1 box of paperclips

1 soldering iron and solder

1 pair of pliers/cutters

4 hours of free time, plus or minus depending on your abilities

Step 2.  Forming the jaw set

Step 2.0  Using the Dremel tool with the cutting disc, shape the jaw set to your upper and lower mouth


Step 2.1  Using the Dremel tool with the sanding drum to sand the edges you cut

Step 3.  Solder anchors

Step 3.0  Cut up some paper clips as shown

Step 3.1  Mix up some of the 2 part epoxy (follow instruction on syringe)

Step 3.2  Fill in the voids and add paperclips as sown

Step 3.3  Let the epoxy set...

Step 4.  Nose preparation

Step 4.0  While waiting for the epoxy to set, work on the nose


Step 4.1  Using the Dremel tool drill 3 holes in the back side of the nose

Step 4.2  Put in the 3 screws, and then bend a paperclip around them, solder ends as shown

Step 5.  Framing

Step 5.0  Solder on two paperclips to the top and bottom anchors as shown


Step 5.1  Bend the paperclips such that they intersect 


Step 5.2  Bend the paperclips such that they don't touch your face


Step 6.  Hinges

Step 6.0  Take two paperclips and bend them around another, one clock wise, the other counter-clock wise

Step 6.1  Insert a paperclip into the coil and bend it forming a joint, then solder it to frame, to form a hinge 


Step 6.2  Bend in the paperclips on the hinge and solder them to the frame, keep the axis of the hinge parallel to the other one as shown


Step 7.  Springs

Step 7.0  Solder in a cross members to hold the spring, you want to have a little bit of tension on it 


Step 8.  Nose installation

Step 8.0  Solder a paperclip to the nose, and bend as shown


Step 8.1  Center the nose and solder it in place


Step 8.2  Center the nose and solder it in place as shown


Step 9.  Chin bar

Step 9.0  Bend a paperclip to make bar for your chin to hit, solder it such that when your mouth is closed, your chin touches the bar (this is what makes the jaw move when you talk)


Step 9.1  Solder in some reinforcement paperclips and your ready to build it out with foam, or plastic mesh, then just and add fur


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