Animatronic Eyes

Wolf Tronix was commissioned to build the Animatronic Eyes, it took about a week to build them, the Eyes are linked left/right and up/down and have independent blinks

Assorted pics of the Eyes:

Movement range tests


Eyes from above and side 


Initial mock up of the eyelids


Final mock up of the eyelids, the Eyes are actually built while they are upside down


Final movement and collision tests to make sure the eyes do not hit the eyelids, Eyes are now right side up


Close-up pics of the linkages and eyelid


Final Eyes, with on board microcontroller and electronics, designed to run at 12 volts



eyes1.mpg (10megs) Eyes motion test, 2 axis, using servo tester

eyes2.mpg (10megs) Eyes motion test, 2 axis, with eyelids, using servo tester

eyes3.mpg (4megs) Eyes motion test, 2 axis, with eyelids, using on board motion controller

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