Built by Wolves for Wolves


LCD Display:

This really isn't an ongoing project, the hardware is done, but the software needs to be better.


By pure random chance the leads on a "Centronix" connector fits perfectly in the center of the display module, with only two wires having to be rerouted.  Once programmed, the parallel cable can be removed, as long as power is present.


LCD.exe will be available for down load under "Programs"

I was given this display:


I have not looked up any info on it yet, but I think it is out of an electric type writer, It looks to be a dot matrix display, with no back light.

This display I purchased for $20, it is 265 x 128 dot matrix, with a cold cathode florescent lamp back light, I hope to get this one working because I want to do some graphics stuff with it.


The data sheet for this display can be found here

VFD Display:

Just like before, the hardware is done I am just working on making the software better.

I got this display for $7.50 (he wanted $10.00) at the Dayton Hamvention, in Ohio, well worth the price.  As you can see it does text and graphics.  I didn't luck out like I did on the LCD display, so had to build a cable to connect the "Centronix" connector.


I would like to get the software to read in a bitmap (.bmp) or a pc exchange (.pcx) file and draw the graphic for me, instead of doing it the hard way...

VCD.exe will be available for down load under "Programs"

The data sheet for this display can be found here