Built by Wolves for Wolves

LCD con-badge

LCD con-badge: 

It took a while, but I finally made a working prototype:


The LCD con-badge is based on the AT90S2313 micro controller running at 10Mhz, which is interfaced to a standard LED back-lit, LCD module using a custom designed control board.  The control board has a small 10K ohm potentiometer for LCD contrast adjust and a 5-volt regulator to provide both the LCD and micro controller

Close up of the AT90S2313 micro controller:

The microcontroller has 2K bytes of FLASH memory for the program, but each instruction takes 2 bytes.  My code used up about 1K bytes of the Flash memory (about 500 instructions), which leaves 1K bytes for text.  About half of the instructions (250) are for the microcontroller and the LCD initialization sequence, the rest are used in my scroll function and other miscellaneous timing and data handling functions.  Although the LCD module has a built in hardware scroll, it scrolls both the top and the bottom line at the same time, making it impossible to read, so the software scroll was the way to go

Their is a 128 byte EEPROM on-board, but I have not attempted to use this to store data, however this would allow for the user to program the LCD con-badge with their own text, even through it would only be 127 more characters, this would also require me to write a program to interface to the chip, through its on-board UART, so the user could write text into the LCD con-badge

After switching from the Scenix microcontroller to the Atmel micro controller, I needed a new programmer and thus made this:


The programmer, connects to a PC's parallel port and allows for easy programming

Here is a pic of my ATMEL development breadboard:


The green LEDs show the data being written to the display, and the red LEDs are the COMMAND/DATA and STROBE, with really long delay loops, during the development stage, it was easy to see the binary values being written to the display, before connecting a display up to the microcontroller


The video shows the following text being printed to the LCD display, under three different lighting conditions:

LCD con-badge by
WolfTronix Inc.
Wolfgang Tail
con-badge specs:

Built by Wolves for Wolves
Midwest Furfest Badge# 1057
Wolfgang Amadeus Tail, a 100lb male Timber Wolf (non-anthro)
Voltage and Current Requirements: 6 to 35 Volts @ 78.9 milliamps
About 6-7 hours run time, on a 9-volt battery
Maximum storage space: approximately 1000 characters
Maximum line length, static = 16 characters, scrolling = 90 characters
Current Scroll settings: 250 miliseconds per character
Remaining Memory: Flash = 370 bytes, EEPROM = 128 bytes

LCD con-badge low quality video (2.20 megs)

The low quality video has a weird after effect on the scrolling text, this is due to the way Divix encodes low bit-rate videos, so if you have high speed access, or lots of time on your paws, here is a high quality version of the same video:

LCD con-badge high quality video (9.71 megs)