Built by Wolves for Wolves


Stereo Sub Woofer Amp:

This is an amp I built during my freshmen year in high school.  It is 100 watts RMS by 2 channels. It has an active 2nd order low pass filter, set at 200hz.  It was originally built for my computer, but later was used to replace a passive subwoofer in a surround sound system.

The schematic was hand drawn on notebook paper and I have no idea where it is.  If I find it I will scan it in and post it.

The whole back half of the amp is the power supply, consisting of two 60 volt 2 amp transformers, a bridge rectifier, and eight capacitors to filter the supply.

The amplifier board and active filter are point to point soldered on perfboard.

The left switch is power, middle is mute, and right is stereo channel flip.


I didn't make this amp, I simply took it out of some cheep computer speakers and put it in an Altoids box, so I could use it to power much better speakers.


Altoids boxes are the best project box on the planet, not only do you get mints when you by them, but the metal box provides excellent shielding from electromagnetic interference.