Electric Vehicle Projects

Electric Vehicle Projects:

AMC Control Box Used for troubleshooting Solectia and Brusa Motor Controllers    Production Version    (video) Available in the Store.

AMC RS422 to RS232 Serial Adapter Used to interface a PC to Brusa Motor Controllers    (video)  Available in the Store.

NLG4 Replacement Capacitor Board Used to repair Solectia and Brusa Battery Chargers    (video)  Available in the Store.

Solectria to DMOC Adapter Used to convert signals from the AMC Control Box to CAN packets for Azure Motor Controllers    (video)

Bi-Directional Buck-Boost Converter Used to replace my high voltage battery pack    (in progress)  (video)

E10 Lithium Battery Upgrade Replacing my lead acid gel cells with a 2013 Nissan Leaf Lithium-ion battery pack    (in progress)  (video)

EXTECH Quad Power Supply Upgrade Modified the power supply so it could display the output voltage, with the outputs disabled 

Electric Vehicle Repair / Restoration:

1996 Solectria E10   

1994 Solectria E10

1995 Solectria E10   (video)

Electric Vehicle Parts Repaired:

Solectria E10 Connector Replacement Replaced old rusty connectors. 

Solectria E10 Center Console Damaged voltage regulator. 

Solectria AC Controller Damaged power stage. 

Brusa ACgtx20 Motor Encoder 1, tested.    (video)

Brusa ACgtx20 Motor Encoder 2, repair.    (video)

Brusa BC29 Amp-Hour Counter, repair, and upgrade to 600V.    (video)

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